6-month membership card with gifts + 15-day freezing period
Till April, 30
10-day fitness workouts
for a friend or a family member (children, adults)
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+ 1 club
2 clubs membership for the price of one
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Gift Card Activation
within at least 60 days from the start date of the primary
• co-access to the RedSide, Khovrino and Sochi club;
• co-access to the Gorod Stolics club from the RedSide club;
• co-access to the Botanicheskyi Sad, Sheremetyevskaya club from the Alekseevskaya club;
• co-access to the Alekseevskaya club from the Botanicheskyi Sad club;
• co-access to Khamovniki club from the City of Capitals club;
• co-access to the Reshnoy club from the Metropolis club;
• co-access to the Kuntsevo club from the Pavlovo club;
• co-access to Zhitnaya club from the Khamovniki club and co-access to Aminyevsky from Yartsevskaya club..
• when purchasing a card to the World Class Lite club, co-access is possible only to the World Class Lite clubs.



  • Special conditions for fitness cards
    Special conditions for you and your family (children, parents, wife or husband
  • Access to 2 World Сlass clubs instead of 1*
    Not extend for Yekaterinburg and Sochi
  • Free induction training and fitness testing
    Fitness testing includes drawing up a medical report on the level of general physical fitness, as well as consultation on dietology and training plans (75 minutes) in clubs where there is a sports medicine doctor. In a club without a doctor, the client can be tested in the gym (30 minutes) or visit a club with a doctor
  • Personal training
    Personal training with a trainer of any category 45 minutes in one or more areas of fitness besides dance, outdoor, triathlon, child club

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