Terms of personal data submission

I hereby give my consent to processing my personal data by Sport Forum LLC (INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 7728571563, KPP (Code of Reason for Tax Registration) 772801001, OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1067746218176; 117420, Moscow, 6 Nametkina Street, bld. 1) (hereinafter the “Company”) and confirm that by giving such consent I act out of my own free will and in my own interests. This consent applies to the data entered in the fields to register on the Company’s website (name, surname, e-mail, phone number). I give my consent to processing the personal data with the purpose to obtain services provided by the Company. While registering on the Company’s website I guarantee that I act in my own name and interest when entering MY data in the registration form.
When providing third party’s data I guarantee that I am authorized to provide such data and entitled to give warranties and the relevant representations as well as consents to data processing on its behalf.

I am aware and understand that I may withdraw such consent at any time, either by sending to the company an e-mail to opt out of receiving messages or via my Account.
Upon receipt of my withdrawal of consent to receiving messages, the Company shall undertake to remove my data from the mailing list within 3 days.
The Company processes any personal data in the following ways: personal data processing by automated means, personal data processing excluding automated means (non-automated processing). While processing any personal data the Company cannot be restricted to choose data processing methods. The consent shall be given to perform any actions with respect to personal data for the purposes set forth above, including without limitation: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, rectification (update, modification), use, distribution (including transfer), anonymization, blocking, deletion, as well as any other actions with personal data permitted by applicable law. I hereby acknowledge and confirm that in case the personal data are required to be submitted to a third party for the purposes set forth above, and in case the Company engages third parties to render services for the above purposes, delegates its functions and powers to another person, it may disclose my personal data to such third parties, their agents and other persons authorized by them, to the extent necessary to carry out the above actions as well as may submit the relevant documents containing such information to such persons. I further hereby acknowledge and confirm that this consent shall be deemed to have been given by me to any of the third parties listed above, as amended, and such third parties shall be entitled to process my personal data by virtue of this consent. I give this consent for an indefinite term, but I may withdraw it by sending at least one (1) month’s written notice to the Company prior to such withdrawal.